The matter is simple. Flat-out insoles will save your butt. Sooner or later you'll be riding with the liner anyway. Now it depends on whether you overpay for marketing or not. There are no miracles. Each insert is a piece of polymer that is designed to stabilize the tire and protect the rim. Qualitatively cheap liners tend to be at the level of the expansion hose, and the more expensive ones simply drink less milk and have funny colors.


Without unnecessary fucking, we offer inserts designed and made in Poland that do not tear, do not drink milk, return to their shape after impact and do all the rest of the work that you know from the descriptions of other companies. Since we focused on material that seriously works, we do not have much for a marketing campaign, which they are not crazy. However, we will show the ambassadors in the tab who trusted us. If that's enough for them, surely for you too.

After a thorough analysis and tests among leading Polish enthusiasts of gravity cycling, we can confidently announce that the FLAT-OUT insoles do not fuck and do the job. Solo options and packages in sizes 27.5 and 29 '' are available. At 26 it is years high, and not the cartridges are loaded with XD

In response to the spells attributed to quality tire milk, which is actually sawdust latex, we've also done our job. Smells nice, looks expensive, washable off the tire and patches like crazy. Just in case, he is veg, as if someone had a drink on the road. We'll do whatever, too, take it easy.

Spend the amount of money saved on tires / milk / rims and passes for descending the route with the bike on something great. We recommend good trips!



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