What we do?

We are a company established after almost 20 years of bike passion. While getting more experience, we wanted more modern and more personalized solutions for our two wheels, which improve safety and driving comfort independently, if it’s about XC or DH.

We took the matter into our hands!

We travel the whole world to find the best brands. At the moment we are distributor of Pivot Cycles, Onza Tires, Royal Racing, Moveo, Yep components, TAG Metals, BIKE by SG, Sprindex, EXT Racing Shox, RacingBros, RACER protective gear, V-MAX Hi-Volume valves. Our activities we do not want to close only as a distributor we also work on their own products bearing the sign BB components.  

We know what we sell!

We test our products ourselves and we prepare their reviews totally objectively. We don’t say that a given product is good or bad. We say how we feel about using it and we give you its real specification so that the customer can choose the right equipment individually for themselves.

The place, where we test our products is mainly the Cracow-Czestochowa Upland. We are really lucky to have an area near our company seat, which enables us riding every kind of bike. Forest – XC, Enduro, Downhill, Fatbike.

Banana-Bikes isn’t just a huge soulless corporation, where it’s all about the executing of selling plan. We talk to our customers, we listen to their suggestions and realize even their dreams.

We are you! The lovers of bikes, travelling, rivalry, trends, steel, aluminum, carboniferous and everything that concerns the bikes.

  • Trailmech High-end hubs produced in Europe

    Trailmech are high-quality hubs that can confidently be compared to DT SWISS products in terms of weight, durability and reliability.

    The innovative Vortex ring system replaces the classic set of ratchets in the bobbin case, guaranteeing excellent, progressive engagement that is a class higher than the Rachet 54T system from DT.

  • Offer

    Get ready for the new trends and an exceptional approach to the topic bikes.

    Go inside and take a look !

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