BIKE is a young Polish bicycle cosmetics brand whose owners are active bikers.

BIKE are products that fall into three categories: Clean, Lube and Protect. With their help, you can not only prepare your bike for a demanding route or maintain its good condition, but also secure and extend the life of key components. By using the highest quality, innovative raw materials, BIKE products are more efficient, safe for the environment and the user, they extend the life of protected components.


POLISH ORIGIN: The BIKE brand was created in Poland in one hundred percent, from concept to execution, everything happens in Straszyn city.

ECOLOGY: as we know, cyclists are people who care about the environment by nature, that's why when creating BIKE recipes we put ecology first - most of the ingredients used to create BIKE preparations are biodegradable products

COOPERATION WITH PROFESSIONALS: before our products were approved for production, they were tested on the routes of numerous MTB and Enduro competitions

USE OF INNOVATIVE RAW MATERIALS: for production, we use raw materials such as boron nitride, nano particles and natural and synthetic waxes.

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