ANSO Suspension

About us

Our story started in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 2012. A small town in the west part of Ukraine near mountains.  At that time due to the small Ukrainian market, we did not have official local dealers and service centers of big suspension companies. We serviced our suspension by ourselves. With an industrial engineering background, we used our contacts to get the best seals for our shocks and forks. 

In the next two years, we rebuild about 200 shocks & forks and got a good experience in bicycle suspension seal replacement. With our industrial engineering background, we researched and determined all the sizes/materials/properties of the seals in the most common shocks and forks. In this research, we found that most suspension companies use very limited materials and sizes, also typically one suspension company has a contract with only one or two seal manufacturers. At that stage, we realized that we can easily replace stock seals and even improve them.

2014 in Ukraine started with a lot of problems and crises. We decided to leave our work at the industrial company and start our own local business. Also, we built our first vacuum bleed machine for our own use. 

Next 5 years we produce many common seal kits and rebuild hundreds of suspension units pre-year locally. 

In 2019 suspension services from other countries already know that we produce seal kits and bleeding tools. They asked us to sell it and we got the plan to start selling seal kits global for next year.  Also this year we started working with UTV, ATV, truck and snow shocks.

By coincidence in 2020, when the global pandemic of Covid-19 started, many workshops and services faced the problem of supplying seal kits. For us, it was the best time to start an international selling program for seal kits and vacuum bleeding tools.

24 February 2022 - Russian invasion of Ukraine. At this difficult time for our country, we were able to keep our business and continue to work while supporting the victims of the war and our army.

Right now we have customers from more than 60 countries and more than 50 partners from 25 countries of the world.  We have contracts with more than 20 seal manufacturers and supplies, with some we even have custom production lines and seal compounds.

Our mission

Create and develop the best after-market seal kits and tools for all types of suspension.

The main thing in our seal kits is the reliability and durability of the suspension unit. Friction? Yes, we take care about friction too. But from our research, we found that 5-10% additional friction of seals can provide almost 2 times longer life - reliability and durability in the first place.

The main thing in our tools is to provide the best result for the suspension unit and the reliability. That's why our vacuum pumps are manually operated - only the manually operated pump cam provides the best results.

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