Onza Tires

Producer of high quality tires with distinctive looks and a healthy dose of Swissness. That’s the concept Onza® tires continues to live by in its nineth season. 


Such a young brand has already achieved some impressive results. Take former team rider Roger Rinderknecht, winner of the 2012 4X World Championship title, Marine Caribou Junior DH World Champion in 2015 or Aron Gwin who became Word Champion DH racer for 2016. Wins in racing, positive tests in special interest magazines and word of mouth between enthusiasts out on the trails have all contributed to the ever increasing presence of onza® tires on bikes worldwide. 


These tires perform with the best in terms of traction, flat protection and weight.

For 2020 you will see reincarnation of Porcupine, it's universal and fast rolling tire, it will be offer in 3 different version BLACK, SKINWALL and WHITE.

Onza also change casing and rubber specification for all products, simplified markings make easier tire selection.


The full price offer is available on the shop card.

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