Ibis Cycles

Ibis Bicycles is a mountain bike manufacturer in Northern California, Ibis was one of the first to introduce carbon fiber into their bicycle frames and have been building some of the best bikes on the market for the past 20 years. Ibis bikes do not tend to follow extreme trends in geometry, they are made for everyday cyclists who appreciate the quality of workmanship and the quality of the ride.

Ibis manufactures the popular Mojo, Ripmo and Ripley mountain bike frames, among others. Additionally, the company's portfolio includes Hakka MX Carbon, i.e. a mix of Gravel, Roads and cyclists.

Currently, Ibis products are distributed in 33 countries.

Some history:

On April Fools '81, Scot Nicol hung up his shingle in a trendy store a few miles east of Mendocino, California. On that day, 38 years ago, Ibis was launched with no money and no plan. Today we are in Santa Cruz and employ around 26 people at Ibis. Five of our owners work full-time in the company. Hans Heim is our CEO, Tom Morgan is our president, Colin Hughes runs our engineering department, Roxy Lo is our designer, and Scot is careful not to disturb.

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