Adjusting the value of the damper spring can significantly improve the handling and suspension performance of the bicycle. In fact, you can use different settings for different routes, depending on the conditions and type of route. Or you can harden the suspension for long climbs.

No more problems with too hard or too soft spring on your bike, you no longer need to buy several springs of different value. By choosing the Sprindex spring, you can adjust its value in the range of about 40, 50 and 70 lb / in (depending on the model chosen)

In the offer you can find: 3 lengths of springs intended for different types of shock absorbers and each of them has a different adjustment characteristic.

Sprindex did not save costs on the materials and production used. The spring itself is made of spring steel with very high tensile strength similar to "light" springs such as FOX SLS (therefore Sprindex is lighter than regular springs). The Sprindex adjustment is made of glass-fiber reinforced polymer. The 5 included adapters are made of Delrin high-slip material.

The Sprindex spring has the same linear performance characteristics as the normal spring with the same modulus of elasticity, except that the SPRINDEX can be adjusted in its value. Adjusting the Sprindex does not change the length of the spring and therefore does not change the preload. The preload is adjusted normally with the threaded ring supplied with the shock absorber.


For one thing, all dampers on the market are already progressive due to the rubber bumper that makes contact with the end of the travel. The rubber buffer itself is a spring which is active between about 10 and 20% of the end of its stroke depending on the thickness of the stop and the stroke of the piston. A rubber bumper alone can increase the force over 200 pounds to prevent collapsing.


The so-called "progressive" springs have 1 or 2 coils which are arranged closer to each other so that when they are compressed they do not become active until halfway through their stroke. The solution is not at all similar to the Sprindex idea. The available progressive springs are not adjustable, which causes the same problem as regular springs as they cannot be adapted / adjusted to the type of terrain and your riding style.


The full offer with prices can be found on the shop tab.

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